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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chanukah Coloring Crayons

Coloring is one of my favorite daughters activities. I always hope that her creativity doesn't go beyond the white piece of paper to the freshly painted walls. I try to always overlook, just to make sure that we are coloring where we suppose to...

For Chanukah theme, we made (I must say) precious Chanukah Coloring Crayons. We used our, so what we call, "Chanukah Crayon Maker." It's a Silicone Dreidel Mold that is typically used to make chocolate, jello, ice cubes and baking. We separated ours and keep it in the supplies cabinet (not the kitchen) so we can make new Chanukah Coloring Crayons whenever we run out of them.  

Torah Toy has the Silicone Dreidel Mold in stock (but, hurry... these tend to run out close to Chanukah), and you can jump over to the site to read more about it.

We first remove the paper wrappings, broke the crayons into small pieces, and place them in the Cahnukah Crayon Maker. Once all the dreidels were filled with crayons, we place the Chanukah Crayon Maker carefully in the toaster oven for about 15 minutes. You'd probably have to play around with your oven and see the amount of time needed. You really don't want to burn them up!

Once they have melted, place them in cold icy water to cool them down. You have to be extremely careful when removing them. The top part of the draidel is thin, and you want to make sure that you get the dreidel out ALL in one single piece ;)

Have fun coloring!


  1. Love this idea! Just be aware that crayons are not Kosher, so don't use your regular toaster oven for this project:)

  2. Thanks, Eli7! Yes, please keep a separate toaster oven and silicone Dreidel Mold for projects.