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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chanukah Sensory Bag

I’m crazy about sensory bags. They are really easy to make and children can spend long time playing with it. It usually keeps my daughter busy exploring the items in the bag and gives me some extra time to get supper ready. What I also like about the Sensory Bags, is that you can place anything (I really mean it, ANYTHING!) in them and still make them exciting to play. I usually grab the bag, take a quick tour around the house and place in it whatever I find… For Chanukah Sensory bag, I placed some pennies, dreidels, Chanukah Foam cut-outs, candles…

Here is what you need to make the Chanukah Sensory Bags:

Ziploc bag
Hair Gel
Several Chanukah items to place in the bag

Place Hair gel in the bag. Close the bag and spread the gel. Open the bag again, and place the Chanukah items in the bag. Mix well the items and then tape the top. We want to make sure it’s well sealed before playing with it.
Have your little one engaged and exploring the Chanukah Sensory bag!

Happy Chanukah!

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